Peel an entire head of garlic in 60 seconds - I can't believe I hadn't tried this sooner.

How to peel an entire head of garlic in 60 seconds!

Directions on how to break up and peel an entire head of garlic into cloves in seconds- I do this all the time. So simple and a thousand times fresher than store prepared garlic!! Grab two medium to large-sized bowls. I prefer stainless steel prep bowls because they have a lip to grasp onto for […]

Oil Pulling - An addictingly fresh start to the day

How To Do Oil Pulling – Addicting Way To Start The Day

Oil pulling is a fancy term for using an oil like coconut oil or sesame seed oil as a natural mouthwash.  It is an Incredible way to start your day! By now I’m sure you have heard about how miraculous coconut oil is. I have been oil pulling for years. Your mouth feels so fresh and […]

Best All Natural Teeth Whitening Routine

Healthy Homemakers put natural tooth whitening on the map with our organic tooth whitener blend! I’m going to share my favorite tooth whitening agents and methods. It all started when I was researching natural tooth whitening agents. have tried all the other store bought methods; I had to ditch the store bought strips because my […]

How To Make A Detoxing Clay Tooth Mask

People use face masks on their skin. Hair masks on their hair. There’s a mask for seemingly everything – even tooth masks. What is a detoxing tooth mask? This is something I like to do and it is quite simple – a healthy homemaker exclusive. At night, I slather my teeth with a mixture of […]

oil cleansing method - wash your face in oil and get beautiful results!

The Oil Cleansing Method: Diy Crunchy Skincare

Magic happened the first time I tried oil cleansing. I had a skin care breakthrough! I’ve come to tell the tale of a spectacular new skin care technique- the oil cleansing method (OCM). Soap has not touched my face in a year. Am I completely filthy? Broken out? Ha, think again. Remember way back when, your […]

yogurt melt drops

Yogurt Melt Drops- No sugar added, gluten & dairy free

As a self-proclaimed deal diva I was discouraged that I couldn’t find organic yogurt drops at a decent price. Even the ones I buy my bunnies (actual bunnies) are expensive at $3 a bag, considering how fast they eat them. So a mission was born: time to create a delicious yogurt drop snack at a […]