Scoby Do: Kombucha 101 Step-By-Step Instructions

Kombucha, Thank you for giving my family and I thorough thirst-quenching enjoyment. We are all healthier to have found you. You’re sweet yet tangy, delicious yet healthy. Quite the over-achiever. Ever rich in probiotic cultures, beneficial vitamins and active enzymes, you help counteract inflammation (the root cause of disease), while bringing a healthy balance back to […]

natural shampoo and conditioner

No Sham(poo)- Better Naturally Clean & Conditioned Hair

I used to think I had great hair. In actuality, it was just okay. Conventional shampoos are a sham, over cleaning hair, stripping the natural oils. My hair has transformed. It’s got texture and body. It is thick and shiny. It’s GOOD. Wanna know my dirty little secret? I haven’t washed my hair in years […]


Juicing 101 Get your juice on

Knowing what to do to improve your health is half the battle. Ready to juice? Let’s get started! Are you fat? Sick? And nearly dead? Or maybe you’ve felt depressed, sluggish or a tad cruddy? The answer is simple. I’ve got three words for you… Juicing. Ta. Da. Yes. It’s that good- a total game […]

Cancer Fighting Juice

Anti-Cancer Juice- Boost The Body’s Ability To Self-Heal

Toxins can be found everywhere; in the air, water and food supply. The body naturally detoxifies much of what we are exposed to through exhalation, sweat, and urine/ bowel elimination. Detoxification is the removal of internal waste materials that build up over time and is essential for restoring health from diseases. Since exposure is constant […]


Allergy Relief Tea

I love when Winter turns into Spring – playing outside, gardening, walks – glorious.  However, all the outdoor time can cause allergies to kick into high gear. Skip the over-the-counter pills, here’s a natural way to help your allergies. Why not breathe better and boost your immune system too?! Ingredients: 2.5 cups hot filtered water […]